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ACL BLOG Part 3: Prevention

In the final installment of my 3-part ACL blog, I’ll finally touch on ways to reduce the risk of ACL injuries. While there have been several neuromuscular warm-up programs to reduce the incidence of ACL tears, this blog will focus on the evidence surrounding the FIFA 11+. So how do [...]

Ronaldo’s Celebratory Vacation in a Hyperbaric Chamber

By now, you have probably heard that Portugal won the 2016 Euro-Cup and they did so without their star player and captain Cristiano Ronaldo. While limited news has been released regarding the status of his injury, I came across an ESPN article classifying it as a “ligament strain” (I [...]

Rehabilitating a calf tear: when the doctor becomes the patient

Last fall I had the misfortune of tearing my calf playing squash.  I felt like a gunshot went off in my calf and knew I tore something.  To my relief my Achilles tendon was still intact.  It quickly became apparent I suffered a calf tear. An MRI confirmed an extensive [...]


Rehabilitation exercises are a critical component of all musculoskeletal injuries.  There is ample evidence supporting the use of therapeutic exercises in virtually every musculoskeletal injury to reduce pain and restore normal function.  The practitioners of The Proactive Athlete incorporate progressive therapeutic exercise programs in the vast majority of patient [...]


Prehabilitation programs are designed to enhance your physical capacity prior to surgery. By attaining a higher level of strength and functional ability prior to surgery enables a patient to rebound and recover from their procedure much quicker. Post surgical rehabilitation programs are critical to ensure a rapid and full recovery. [...]

Treatment options for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy involving the tendons of the lateral elbow.  Not surprisingly, most who experience this clinical condition are not tennis players at all.  This injury is seen most commonly in individuals who suddenly overuse a relatively deconditioned and possibly degenerated tendon for the task at hand.  [...]