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Learnings from the recent physiotherapy concussion symposium

Sport Physiotherapy Canada- Clinical Considerations for Interdisciplinary Care: Concussion Symposium This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the first annual Sport Physiotherapy Canada Concussion Symposium. This conference focuses on the current best practices surrounding concussion management and the speakers included the top researchers, clinicians and neurosurgeons in the [...]

Some concussions need more than rest

  Concussion Treadmill Test and Concussion rehabilitation If you have suffered a concussion you have probably been to a doctor who has told you to rest. Rest your mind and rest your body until your symptoms go away. And for most people, up to 90% of those who suffer concussions, this [...]

What are those marks on his skin? – A primer on Cupping Therapy

By now you have probably seen Michael Phelps win the gold medal in the 4×100 at the Olympic games. If you looked closer you might have also noticed the red circles on his right shoulder known as cupping therapy. Although this treatment has been around for thousands of years, [...]

Insights from Concussion Expert/Specialist Dr. John Leddy

I had the opportunity to spend the day with Dr. John Leddy, clinic director of the University of Buffalo Concussion Clinic  and renowned published author on concussions.  Dr. Leddy is first and foremost an inspiring clinician who has nothing but time, answers and options for his patients.  He also happens to [...]

Zurich 2012: Concussion Consensus Statement Update

Every 3 or 4 years concussion experts from around the world gather to update all stakeholders (health care providers, coaches, parents and organizations) on the evidence to date for concussions in sport. The resulting document that emerges from these brilliant minds is then worshipped as the holy grail of [...]