Adam Dunn

DC, B.Eng& Mgmt

Dr. Dunn is a passionate Sports Performance Manual Medical Practitioner who loves all sport.  He’s an accomplished IronMan Triathlete (completing 7 and counting including a two time IronMan Hawaii- World Championship  qualifier), marathoner, yogi and former Canadian National Team Sailor (1997-2001).  Living a healthy and active lifestyle is something he hopes he’s able to encourage and inspire his patients to maintain or take up.  He attended McMaster University, graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering & Management and subsequently worked in the water industry for 5 years as a Project Engineer and Engineering Supervisor.  Recognizing corporate life was not his true calling, and finding something closer to sport would be more suitable given his passions, Dr. Dunn left engineering to begin pursing his degree in chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.  Since graduating in 2010, Dr. Dunn has continued to add to his chiropractic foundation through continually expanding his tool kit and knowledge base, whether that be on the field or at track side events like Altis High Performance Therapy in Phoenix-AZ, refining anatomy on un-embalmed cadavers, advanced acupuncture at McMaster University as a student and thereafter as a Senior Instructor.  Continual improvement and commitment to learning is something his patients can count on and is paramount to Dr. Dunn’s career.

Every patient comes to the “table” with their own story … their own journey …  and their present state is a compilation of that journey.  Dr. Dunn’s approach to care begins by looking into the journey, determining a patient’s current dysfunction, and perhaps most importantly understanding their next chapters.  Once the journey is clear, dysfunction  determined, the most appropriate and most efficient course of treatment can begin.  As an athlete and a yoga instructor Dr. Dunn empathizes with someone that is:

A-unable to perform at all and/or

B-having trouble reaching their true potential.

But as someone who wants nothing more than to be active in his late(EST) years he “gets” the idea of doing something in a sustainable manner.  That is why passive care is only part of the puzzle.  His growing repertoire of passive care modalities includes electro-acupuncture, manual therapy techniques- such as ART and micro-conditioning, cupping and traditional chiropractic joint manipulation.  These modalities are combined to restore function and reduce pain, and in most cases reestablish a better and more sound connection between the patient’s body and their nervous system.  The passive care is only part of the puzzle.  Encouraging and instructing patients to move properly, within their existing capacities, and frequently is what will engrain proper functioning in the body’s nervous system and lead to long(er) lasting results, achievement of and ongoing wellness.

Commuting whenever possible by pedal to treat and teach, Dr. Dunn enjoys training for his next IronMan or athletic endeavour.  Reading, meditation and movement are supremely important.  Patients can also find Dr. Dunn teaching Yoga Asana (an Anusara and Yin inspired combination) in the greater Burlington and Oakville area with his signature Yoga for Runner’s and Deep Alignment classes. He is a lover of good coffee and healthy food.  He’s always endeavouring to spend more hours learning in the garden.