Mobility Training

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin You brush your teeth daily to prevent dental decay/disease, but do you spend time every day on maintaining and optimizing your joint health? Although you may believe your current exercise routine is enough, ask yourself if your routine trains [...]

Mobility versus flexibility: does it matter?

If you care about the long term health of your joints the short answer is yes mobility, not flexibility, matters. The fundamental difference between mobility and flexibility is movement control.  Flexibility is the ability to allow movement using an external force (another person, gravity, band etc), whereas mobility requires YOU [...]

Course review: Eric Cressey – Making Movement Better

This past weekend Dave and I attended a course with Eric Cressey titled “Making Movement Better”.  Eric is a renowned strength and conditioning coach in the United States who provides a lot of terrific, thought provoking content through blogs, social media, newsletters and associated products (  You may find [...]

Thoracic (mid-back) Mobility

Our modern day workplaces and lifestyles have increasingly involved seated and sedentary versus upright posture. This postural evolution (or more appropriately de-evolution) makes normal thoracic function and mobility an uphill climb for many of us. Limited thoracic spine mobility has a broad spectrum of implications from efficient energy transfer [...]