Orthotics: relief for Anterior Knee Pain

As many as 1 in 4 active people experience debilitating anterior knee pain.  Orthotics are often prescribed for this population, but which patients respond best to this care and what results should those patients expect?  An Australian research group recently determined a clinical prediction rule (basically the key factors) for a positive [...]

Maximizing Gains With Dietary Protein

Hypertrophy Training- Maximizing Strength Results With Dietary Protein Athletes are always looking for a competitive advantage. Whether the goal is quick recovery after a tough game/event or generating strength gains through off season training, muscle protein synthesis is a concept that all athletes should be aware of. Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) [...]

Treatment options for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy involving the tendons of the lateral elbow.  Not surprisingly, most who experience this clinical condition are not tennis players at all.  This injury is seen most commonly in individuals who suddenly overuse a relatively deconditioned and possibly degenerated tendon for the task at hand.  [...]

A long term solution to your Achilles’ heel

  Has your Achilles tendon kept you from training or competing?  This is one nagging injury that seems to re-emerge at the most inopportune time…just when you are ramping up for an event or in a heavy part of your season schedule.  For many people, their Achilles tendon seems to [...]

Management of acute soft tissue injury: forget PRICE, call the POLICE!

The acronym PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation) has attained superstar status and has become the automatic reflex recommendation for many sports medicine practitioner’s for decades.  This has trickled down to a household acronym that many athletes religiously rely on.  Surprisingly however there have been relatively few high [...]