Monthly Archives - March 2016

The Healing Power of Class IV laser

We are strong advocates for the healing power of low level laser, and more specifically Class IV lasers.  From accelerating healing time for common strains/sprain to calming an arthritic joint we have witnessed the rapid healing effect of laser on many occasions in our office.  These are not miracle [...]

The Spine Therapy Network Conference Learnings

In February I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Spine Therapy Network symposium ( This is an initiative spearheaded by Dr. Michael Fehlings, a neurosurgeon with an extremely impressive resume from Toronto Western Hospital. The impetus for the founding of this group is the recognition that spine care [...]

Disc Herniations: Effectiveness and Safety of Spinal Manipulation

The management of disc herniations, both in the neck and low-back, is controversial. Surgical care is generally reserved for patients with chronic, debilitating leg dominant pain with MRI confirmation of the disc herniation impinging on the affected nerve. Even in these cases a trial of conservative care is warranted [...]

Chronic Tendon Injury Blog 2 – Eccentrics Versus Slow Heavy Resistance

Part 1 of this tendon rehabilitation post looked at some new research supporting the role for isometric exercises. Although isometrics can be helpful to manage tendon pain in the short term, full range dynamic loading strategies give a better stimulus for muscle and tendon adaptations for long term rehabilitation. For [...]